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Hello Friend.
I'm a Creative Designer.

I'm an experienced Web and Graphic Designer that loves design, traveling, social media, craft beer, and amazing food.

Work History.

2013 +
Company: Marriott Vacations Worldwide
Position: Communications Architect
Responsibilites: Develop landing pages, email communications/newsletters, and find new technologies to support business needs.
2011 +
Company: ModernMom.com
Position: Web/Graphic Designer
Responsibilites: Design branded pages for clients, email communications, create print magazine, design ads for site and affiliates.

About Me.
Let's Get Acquainted.

I'm an experienced Web and Graphic Designer that loves design, traveling, social media, craft beer, and amazing food.

About Me.

I've been doing Web/Graphic design since 2005 for a few different companies, big and small. I've also created a few fun sites for myself: a couple of food blogs, and a travel blog (the hosting got outrageously expensive, so I no longer maintain them... but am looking for another solution).

I'm a fun, energetic person (at least I think so), with a lust for travelling, quality craft beer, amazing food, and great company.

Quick Info.

  • Name: Tyler Henson
  • Position: Communications Architect
  • Age: 33 years
  • Phone: +1 213 399 5614
  • Email: me@tylerbhenson.com
  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Look what I can do.

While I'm skilled in many things: Web Design, Bootstrap, Social Media, Email Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Wordpress, Print Design, Corporate Identity, Logo Design, ExactTarget, Analytics, Color Theory, Typography, these are my best skills:

Web Design.

I love coding. HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Wordpress are the main languages/frameworks I use regularly. I've recently been developing in SharePoint, along with some other, so I'm not afraid to get my feet wet with unfamiliar technologies.

Adobe CC.

I love all things Adobe. While I live in Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator, I'm very familiar with all the others as well. From vectors to full blown magazine layouts in InDesign, I know my way around the entire suite.

Social Media.

I am connected in ways you can't even imagine. :) I use social media, and many different networks, on a daily basis. I try to stay current on the latest trends across all the platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are obviously favorites!

Email Communication.

Over the past two years as a Communications Architect, I've learned a lot about email marketing—trends, standards, responsive design, imagery, etc. We use ExactTarget as a digital marketing platform and have learned wonders about developing successul campaigns through that, and other platforms.

My Pride.
Big or Small.

I pride myself on my work no matter how big, or small, the client is. These are just a few of the brands I've done work for.

What Clients Say.

Since I pride myself on my work, let's see what those happy clients have to say.

Coming soon...

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